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Shaker Style Kitchens



Shaker Style Kitchens – Classic and Contemporary


The simple shaker style kitchen has been popular for a long time and there is good reason for this.  By using paint colours, accessories and design you can choose the kitchen to have a contemporary look, Edwardian elegance or striking colour combinations.  With this Second Nature Broadoak Rye kitchen,  the use of simple grey worktops and handles with natural leather effect features gives this kitchen a light and airy feel but with a rustic, modern edge.


Broadoak Rye


Below you will see the same kitchen space also with a Shaker kitchen, this time Second Nature Milbourne Painted, but you will see that the design and dressing of the space has resulted in a completely different look to the kitchen.  Now the subtle painted colours, use of traditional cornice and feature wallpapered wall provides a classic elegant appearance.


Broadoak Stone


Finally as a complete contrast the use of striking colour combinations in the following Kitchen Stori Madison Painted Ash shaker kitchen results in a dramatic space.  This theme is reinforced by the striking lighting over the island and large clock on the wall.  This just shows how simple styling combined with different colour combinations can result in an eye-catching kitchen with theatrical overtones. 


 Madison Painted




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