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Integrated Appliances and furniture requirements

Most Integrated Appliances fall into two catagories, these are built under and built in.

Built Under Integrated Appliances

Built under appliances are those that are fitted underneath the kitchen work top, these appliances are usually self supporting using either the appliances own legs or rails that mount to units either side (in the case of double ovens).

Standard built under appliances do not require a unit or housing, tho they may need the correct sized appliance door, examples of these are:

1) Built Under Integrated/Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

2) Built Under IntegratedWashing Machine

3) Built Under Integrated Integrated Washer Dryer

4) Built Under IntegratedIntegrated Fridge / Freezer

5) Built Under Integrated Double Oven


Built In Integrated Appliances

Built in appliances will usually require a housing to support them, examples of these are:

1) Built in Integrated Single Oven

2) Built in Integrated Microwave / Combi' Microwave / Steam Oven

3) Built in Integrated Coffee Maker

4) Built in Integrated Warming Drawers

5) Built in Integrated tall Larder Fridge / tall Freezer / tall Fridge Freezer

6) Built in Integrated In Column Larder Fridge / In Column Freezer

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“"We are very pleased with the new Dante Oak Painted kitchen. With your help all the units that were ordered fit perfectly and were straightforward to assemble."”
- Richard, Exeter

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